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what it is

should not be

By Melissa EavesPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
what it is
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Particles of fairy dust

The sun sparkle that catches the glint of mischevious

Hinted in his eyes

The shawdowed mystical


of thought

An island of duress

reached by magical moats

an undoing of the treasoness and irrational

Facebook is a nazi,

he breathed into my mind

and I acquiesced

Another bridge crumbled between myself and

the damned

All these little time consuming

monster, wanna be mobsters

squealing squalling jostling for

space in a line

which is not


ill attempting

hardly trying

just writing the wait out

while everyone around me

proves everything and nothing

I waited for you to catch me

my breath faltered

a slight arrogance holds hostility

I want you to consume me

holy dance



soul conspiring

he wants

and she screams for truce

with the lips of a traitor


About the Creator

Melissa Eaves

I am an freelance writer. I love the written word and the poetry of my soul is expressed by mastery of it.

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