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by Soft Duckie 4 years ago in sad poetry

If I'm so important...

When my head can't

keep up with my heart

and my heart can't

keep up with my head

I can't remember if that's what love is

or if it's supposed to be

like the nerves bundled

in my mouth

Tongue pressed against my teeth

ready to run

ready to pounce

Or if it's like you

pain in my chest


but not needing to be more

but crying over you

but missing you

but needing you

but not needing to be more

You gave me that ring

and told me to keep it

long after we seperated

I'm still your most important

But I can't help the question

that if I'm so important...

How am I so important to you?

And it's that question that...

sad poetry

Soft Duckie

Poet and artist living with my two dogs in Arizona. You can find my work on https://www.redbubble.com/people/fisheisley?asc=u.

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