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what if I can’t swim?

by Adam David. 7 months ago in surreal poetry
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life is like a pool.

what if I can’t swim?
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

my hands, trembling.

my heart, pounding.

my arms, stuck to my side.

If you could see my non-responding legs you would think I never properly learned how to walk.

“your turn.”

standing on the diving board of my past

looking down into the pool of what we know as “life.”

my eyes slam shut.

my body briefly ceases to function.

without delay, the voices of the background seem to disintegrate in to the atmosphere

as i’m submerged in my own

how many times have they done this?

why do they seem unfazed by the creatures we do not understand that await them?

why is the silence slowly driving me mad?

at that very moment, you could hear a singular rain drop fall and crash down upon the surface.

I LOVE the attention, but——

why are these monsters seemingly on stand by for my particular move?

the adrenaline sprints through my body

am I intimidated? no , no, no , that can’t be it.

am I excited? am I nervous? If I turn away right now will I regret it?

who would I be to say i’m not afraid, when my body says otherwise

but, what if it’s not fear?

what if it’s—-

what if i can’t swim?

surreal poetry

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Adam David.

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