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What If

by Sharita Cormier 4 years ago in sad poetry
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No One Cares

So much here but not much is left in me

I feel hollowed like a lightning struck tree

One day I krept on the groud scrounging

Stardled I dare to breath while drowning

It was then I had new death or rebirthing

I cleansed again like my skin was thirsting

Begging for the little girl no one ever knew

Hidding places that where unfamiliar to you

Once more never to have true virtue

The insufferable pain eat at and torture you

What if like me you where him

Crouching with abandonment

Harmed with the lifelessness warranted

Screaming on the inside while hiding from what is inside

Like her trying to maintain pride

Crouch inside while he still cried

He begged for help of a menacing mind

All to visualize while she died inside

Together they suffered separately

Trying to maintain a open mentality

She clung to books and a hook most of the time

All while he tried to tame the demons in his mind

Through Art his finger let loose

From that long ago naked yet brutal truth

Sometimes nothing could help the films repeat

Begging she screamed retreat

All while he scrambled and deminshed beneath the surface

Daily dreaming to not feel worthless

Together they formed a yin and yang

To a mimic of the caged birds that sang

What if both felt just as scared

Just what if no one cared©

~§harita Cormier

This is a tribute to my dear brother. May God keep his soul. May he rest easy on a bed of fluffy clouds I miss you Michael! It's no longer a secret baby.

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About the author

Sharita Cormier

Guys, I am a performer, singer, and writer. Earth has been extraordinary for me. Hiking through this place is intoxicating. Music, words, and fire feul my existance. I have two associates degrees. Completing the third is a task in it's own.

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