What I'm Saying?

by Inure Muse about a month ago in slam poetry

What I'm saying is this...

They come in all shapes and sizes,

deviant fiends.

Disguised sometimes, as civilized human beings.

Suck, at the verve of your soul, till it bleeds.

Splendored by your shine,

these beings, disguised as your, family, friends, team,

will drop you like sponsorship and labels of a ghetto, unruly, rapper on some

scandalous (assault charges).

Cut, like family ties, when they don't understand bipolar.

Or when you come out LGBTQ2

and they

just can't handle this sort of thing …

these beings?

Are impermanent

(like these feelings).

These beings,

much like you…

are just here for time.

© #thatgirlmuse @inuremuse

slam poetry
Inure  Muse
Inure Muse
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