What I Know

by ITZ Jazmineee 10 months ago in slam poetry

Spoken Word

What I Know

Got me catching feelings like a dream catcher catching dreams

Only if you knew what it feels like to be like me.

My hearts always racing for you like these bad men running as fast as they can from the cops;

Only if you knew, my brain is scattered like papers being blown away on a rainy day,

Again, only if you knew...

Got me trippin over you, feeling like I’m going to fall over, hopefully in the right one's arms.

I’m head over heels for you, sweaty palms but only silence. I’m shaking, contemplating what to do.

Only if you knew the love that I have for you, is unexplainable, got me flipping tables, but you’ll never understand that love.

The kind of love where I worry about you, but don’t say a word. That love where you can look at each other and know how it is.

But do you realize why it is what it is?

Late night stressing, think I might need a compression for this message.

My mind won’t stop running, things might get wild and crazy but baby.

I think I see a smile.

It’s bright enough to see from a mile, that’s what I know. You're the light to my dark days and that’s what I know .

I’ve figured things out now. Only because that’s smile fixed it all. #VocalNPM

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ITZ Jazmineee
ITZ Jazmineee
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