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What Cuts to Education Spending Do to Kids in a Global Capitalist Cesspool of Gory Orgies, Poverty, and Drug-Addicted Killing Sprees

by Michael Brandon Marchese about a year ago in slam poetry
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Michael Marchese

If I could simply overcome

Possessive nouns and vowel sounds

I would not need to study bloody

Heavy lies’ beheaded crowns

But you make martyrs with your charter

School exclusive service sector

To systemically condemn me

To the destitution nectar

Of the corner story whore’s

Potential Cinderella caged in

The statistics of the mathematic

Overdose equation

Comatose’n like a Holy Ghost

Of tranquil ranking party skanks

Whose tanks plan out the projects

For the boys still shootin’ blanks

And then the slavers liberate

Some nation-state of god forsaken

Oil barons salivate

To taste the poison Apple’s stake in

Stock in stuffer markets takin’

All the products people makin’

Privatizing profit-docket lawless

Mother Nature rapin’

For some scarcity disparities

In wealth I can’t attain

You keep me feeding on the bottom

From the top, you make it rain

So as the brains continue drainin’

In amenity dependency

I tinker with the inner-machinations

Now the enemy

You’ve made me out to be you see

My generation’s future’s bleaker

Than the past in full HD

slam poetry

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Michael Brandon Marchese

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