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What color is love

A poem

By free manPublished 30 days ago 1 min read
What color is love

I asked the grass, what color is love?

The grass said, Love is green.

It makes people full of life.

When I heard what the grass said.

I was puzzled.

I asked the clouds, what color is love?

The clouds said, "Love is white.

It makes one's heart pure and clean.

I listened to the clouds.

I was puzzled.

I asked the sun, what color is love?

The sun said, "Love is red.

It fills one's heart with truth.

I heard the sun's words.

My heart was still in doubt.

I asked the world, what color is love?

The world said, "Love is colorful.

It fills people's hearts with emotion.

I finally knew

What color is love.

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free man

Thank you for your love

I hope you are happy every day

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  • Esala Gunathilake30 days ago

    It is various colors for me, at different times. You crafted it well.

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