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What changes occur in your brain when you smoke weed daily for a month?

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By Infographics ShowPublished about a month ago 1 min read
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In a cloud of wonder, you start a quest

To explore the effects of the devil's green leaf

For thirty days, you'll let the smoke fill your chest

And see how your mind and body react, for the best

On day one, you light up, curious and keen

Not sure of the trip, but ready to begin

The high kicks in, changing how you see

Happiness and chill, a new feeling, carefree

As days go by, you find your memory's blurry

Short-term recall, lost in a hazy flurry

But don't worry, for the long-term effects are still hazy

Your memory part, strong, not going crazy

Snack attacks hit hard, as your hunger grows

Pleasure surges, making each bite a joy, who knows

But even with the urge to eat and feast

Studies say, your weight may not increase, at least

Drive fades, as tiredness sets in

Tasks once easy, now feel like a chore, a sin

But with balance and breaks in between

Your focus and push can still be seen

Worry may rise, as the fear part lights up

For some, a gift; for others, can't sleep, what's up?

The effects, as varied as the people who try

Each experience, a story, no lie

As the month ends, you think back on your pick

The journey, a mix of ups and downs, quite slick

While getting hooked is rare, it's a risk, no doubt

Control, the secret to keeping it figured out

In the end, the choice is yours to take

To enjoy the herb or to take a break

But with knowledge, you can now decide

How to handle this mysterious ride, with pride.


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