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Welfare State of Mind

by Michael Brandon Marchese 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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Michael Marchese

The blood on the blade

The bullet, the bomb

The bank and the ballot

The book of Islam

Is my common man struggle

My herbicide’s noose

My opiate’s masses

Producing like Zeus

The poor, huddled refuse

Of consumerist culture’s

Impoverished and hungry

Insatiable vulture’s

Malnourishment wage

In your minimum cage

Cold World War snow blanket’s

Free love hippy plague

Ragin’ back from the Dead

To bring Down the whole System

With stock market fallout zone’s

Mushroom cloud prism

The re-meducation

Ghost-mortem disorders

The doomsday rock addict

The crack in your borders

The anti-establishment

Savior to none

I am merely the plug

You should pull when you’re done

Lest I overload brainwaves

With overlord plans

Till your empires fall

Into my beggar’s hands

surreal poetry

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Michael Brandon Marchese

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