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Welcome To The Unknown

A free-verse poem of imagination and slightly surreal shenanigans.

By ChloePublished 3 months ago 2 min read
Welcome To The Unknown
Photo by Matt Flores on Unsplash

Welcome, stranger, to the UKNOWN--

also known as

outside, outer, space, the void-

I go by many different names.

THIS UNKNOWN, do you see it?

Its colors off the spectrum of what you could see before?

More than what your weak eyes

could ever capture;

so bright the blind will see,

so loud the deaf will hear!

Welcome to this STRANGE PLACE--

have you seen these people before?

They're strangers to you,

but you are strangers to them;

everyone is a stranger here/

no escape is provided.

Welcome to the MYSTERIOUS,



sky of Jupiter.

What are you?

Don't ask us that;

we're all one, but different-- one in the same, we are.

What's that sound?

You mean the music coming

from all around?

The swirling mounds of notes and strings

combined with the taste of wonderful things-

don't ask us what they are,

(compliments to the CHEF!)

you might not want to know.

Where am I?

WHY, this is the UKNOWN;

you and your colleagues, the friends of your colleagues-

all your friends, family,

the whole company of STRANGERS around the world--

they're all here?

Who are you? Why did you steal me from my home?

Don't ask, don't ask!

Here, look at that!

A distraction,

placed in your hands-

out in space, out of place, out of rage, on the page--

We rhyme for a dime, or for fun,

no, no, no! Stranger, don't run!

Welcome to the UNKNOWN--

it's a lovely place to stay!

We have Hotel California, the Yellow Submarine,

all the things you ever wished for?

Gamble? Oh, why not?

Welcome to the STRANGE PLACE--

the place in space, the place out-of-place,

There's no more time! No more worries!

Run at your own splendid pace!

Welcome to the UNKNOWN--

you're here now, you'll stay forever!

How do I get back?


Look at that! Over there!

Ladies, gents, all in Times Square?

The children run on the ceiling,

your pets dance on the walls.

Don't be afraid of joining in,

the front desk holds all your calls!

Is that a deer mixed with a dolphin?

Oh yes, it certainly is!

We like to call them ENDORPHINS!

You have no sense of rhythm, no sense of rhyme.

Oh, I'm sorry! We wasted your time!

Stay as long as you like--

like as long as you stay!

Because where you are now,

you're not getting away.


(Welcome to my thoughts when I daydream.)

surreal poetryslam poetry

About the Creator


ninth grader.

she's an AVID writer who wrote 14 imperfect books when she was 11.

now she writes in the hopes of getting the attention of a great publisher.

...and to fuel her overactive imagination.

aliases: cirrus, chloud, channing

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