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Welcome To America

by Michael Cheeseborough II 4 years ago in social commentary
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Welcome To America

It was speculated that I was a gang member and do what they do

That’s not the case however I hang with some because they are cool

I don’t do what they do because of my mother

She was shot 9 times, they almost took my mother

From me I’m blessed that she had survived

Humanity is crazy just look at Columbine

Look at Timothy Mcveigh shit like this fucks with my mind

Added to things so similar check Osama

The government never posted pictures of his dead body smell the aroma

That sparks the conspiracy

Then they indict people for music piracy

Making us pay high double taxes

While the rich sit on their sorry asses

Assuming that the middle class is doing good

Well we are not just look at our neighborhoods

There’s only two classes us versus them

And Trump is the hallway monitor so fuck him

Then burn Hillary Clinton she wasn’t elected but it doesn’t sound crazy

Just look up at 11 September 2012, Benghazi

Then they turn their eyes from South Korea’s human trafficking

But then they paid attention when a high ranking officer gets caught in the action

I was always wide awake observing


They detonated the Twin Towers

Fired a missile at the Pentagon

And expect us to carry on

Like nothing happened while crashing Flight 93 oh man

It looked like trash from a trashcan

Mind you I used to be a pilot and we learned about the physics

Of crashes this is so corrupt and sick...

social commentary

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Michael Cheeseborough II

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