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Wednesday's Tilt

A Poem

By Canuck Scriber L.Lachapelle AuthorPublished 25 days ago 1 min read

Will Wednesday equal moments to my death

What holds longer

Destiny or days of tomorrow

Will a conscience rise

Or such a thing a surprise to knowing

Who holds deadlines

Supercilious sprigs on a vine

Or no way there

Instant prayer then

Let there be a better path

Who let in a devil as a score keeper

A troublesome little bleep on the radar

Of no forgiveness

A harrumpfh on the watch on a broken wrist

Will Wednesday equal moments to my death

A moment's satisfaction might be your last

Borrowed thought

What did we all come together for

To lose now?

Sona makeshift magician could trample

Doors of all minds

To stop what race

To bring the curtains down on grace

To please the centre of their own being

Because surely I won't be shining there

The greatest lesson of all was to do good

With all gifts

Never to force the arrow further

Than the mark itself

Or target be themselves

They, not realizing

When I step outside myself

The game will be over

No longer will the reflection be of Themselves

Peace secret want

I don't want to die on Wednesday

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About the Creator

Canuck Scriber L.Lachapelle Author

Published Poet and Author. Making rainy days feel like Sundays with words.

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  • Denise E Lindquist5 days ago

    Thank you! I enjoyed reading your poetry! 💖

  • Shirley Belk20 days ago

    "The greatest lesson of all was to do good with all gifts" caused me to look back and reflect, even though I am closer to Thursday or Friday...maybe even Saturday? in my life's week. Great writing!

  • Sandra Tena Cole24 days ago

    Oh wow! Powerful and effective imagery 💜 x

  • Loved this, oh my wow!! I loved this so much. I was actually born on a Wednesday and Wednesday is Odins day and Hermes' day 🙃 being a gemini ♊️ that means a lot to me 😃 😊 I loved this so good

  • Wonderful words with thoughts of where we are going

  • Cyrus24 days ago

    Loved the read!

  • Your poem beautifully captures the inner turmoil and philosophical questioning that many of us struggle with. Its depth and emotional resonance prompted me to think about my own final destiny. Excellent work as always, Lisa!

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