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Weak When Grey

Colours in Strength

By victoria valdezPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
First Time Away from Home - the World Has Color?

I'm grey when weak.

And weak bleeds grey.

Shuffling green feet meet,

Newly carrying me away

As music births yellow

Within my brain

Spreading bright lemon

Through tired thinned veins

I pale in comparison,

To those still grey and plain

Those pale compared to me?

I reach in and offer blue

To match pools of tears and cold

That exist in all,

both me and you.

When rivers cross,

Fields of green growth

Blossom bright, and bountiful.

Once two grey islands

No plots alike, no two same flowers.

Yet still common ground grows

From grey into life

Pastels and bold pinks and turquoise

Bolded and bonded by the strength of

Those who shared their offerings

My palette chosen by

Things out of my control

The same strengths that color me

Shield me from violet vitriol

I was grey when weak

And weak bleeds grey.

But now, I see examining the

Different ways I grow

Both in and through the light

To know and believe,

I'll never waste a canvas

On weakly bleeding grey.

nature poetry

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