We Will Never Have Tomorrow

by cookie foot about a year ago in surreal poetry

Tomorrow is a relative term, it will always be today.

We Will Never Have Tomorrow

We will never have tomorrow,

It will always be today.

And today,

I thought of you a lot.

And today,

I want tomorrow.

And tomorrow,

I will want today to be yesterday,

and yesterday I wanted today to be tomorrow.

And Tomorrow,

I hope I don't think of you as much.

I hope that as my perception

Of what I'm renaming the "Now" shifts,

I hope that your yesterdays are filled with dreams of me.

Dazes enchanted by me,

Beautiful dances of who I was,

Sprouted in your memory.

I hope your todays are filled with cries for me,

A true and deep longing,

A weight that anchors your heart to me.

And I hope your tomorrows are melted with mine.

But I know that as today becomes yesterday,

Tomorrow today,

Our now becomes more and more distant,

The only thing for certain is the new "Now".

And now it seems like there's never going to be


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