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We Were Twins

A story of duality and unexpected change

By Unbreakable HeartPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by cottonbro studio at Pexels

I have a cousin

who was like my twin.

She's only 3 months

older than me.

We spent the first 5 years

together, every day.

People always asked

if we were twins.

In a way we were

like opposites.

I, always quiet,

keeping everything

trapped inside.

She, always expressive,

letting everything

flow right out.

In a way we were

like a perfect match.

Like two sides of a coin

completing one another.

We found in each other

what we were missing

in the world.

For the first 5 years

of our lives

we were like twins.

Always together,

never apart.

Two opposites,

one heart.


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About the Creator

Unbreakable Heart

Words. Pen and paper - keys and fingers. Freely flowing, never-ending.

Words. Lips and air - voice and vibration. Never flowing, ever suspending.

Through my pen I tell. The paper carries my voice.

Soundless and unheard - untold stories unfold.

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    Unbreakable HeartWritten by Unbreakable Heart

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