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We Fly

an amusement park poem

By Anthony TerryPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
We Fly
Photo by Oneisha Lee on Unsplash

Standing at the gates of the amusement park

We knew there was a chance for this to happen before dark

We wanted it so bad

We wanted to be in the sky and act like we could fly

If it was ever going to happen it was going to be today

We would stand in line and wait our turn

And when the time come we are going to fly

Fly Fly Fly

We would fly high in the sky on the amusement park ride

Prentend like we are birds

Let our all worries fly away into the sky and disappear

We fly

In the comments tell me your favorite amusement park ride! Mine is a rollercoaster.


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Anthony Terry

Hello, I like using poetry and music to help connect people and find the meaning of life. We all have our own unique stories and I want to share mine to hopefully inspire you to share yours!

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  • Test3 months ago

    A wonderful poem.

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