We Are Not a Book

by Addison Jennings about a year ago in heartbreak

A Poem

We Are Not a Book

where do we end?

heck, where do we even start?

so many guys have put gunshots through my heart

as if it's an open shooting range.

i don't want to start with you

i don't want attachments

i don't want the constant "i love you"

i don't want the pain that will appear when you leave.

but i do.

i want to be attached to you.

i want you to tell me you love me.

i'm willing to put up with the pain.

but i know..

you'll drill a hole into my heart.

you'll do it without caring.

you won't even think about it.

but you know.

i'll plug the hole

i'll ignore the fact that you don't care.

and i won't even think about it.

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Addison Jennings

just trying to make a change

it’s going to be okay

i love you.

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