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We are enough, we are worthy

Powerful Motivation Poem

By VIDHYASAGARPublished about a year ago 1 min read

It's a journey that's never easy, but it's worth it all the same

A journey that teaches us to embrace the unknown, embrace the change

And with each step, with each breath, we grow a little more

We become stronger, braver, and ready to explore.

We've learned to love ourselves, we've learned to forgive

We've learned that life is a beautiful gift

And we'll keep growing, we'll keep learning

We'll keep reaching for the stars, our hearts yearning.

So here we stand, with our heads held high

Growth, it's what we're living for

We'll keep growing, we'll keep shining

'Cause growth, it's what keeps us climbing.

"We are enough, we are worthy

We are us, and that's our story.

We'll keep growing, we'll keep shining

'Cause growth, it's what keeps us climbing."


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