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No matter how intense, fierce love can not overcome the harsh laws of life, sometimes encounter obstacles, separation, that is natural. But not so that love loses eternal beauty, or soon forgotten; Over the years, the more challenging the love challenge, the more passionate and deeper.

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Intense and soft

Noisy and quiet

The river does not understand themselves

Waves find the tank

Oh the old wave

And the next day is still the same

Love aspirations

Recovery in the chest

Before all the tank waves

I think about you, me

I think about the big sea

Where is the wave up?

The wave starts from the wind

where does the wind start?

I do not know either

When we love each other

The waves are deep

The wave on the water surface

Oh the wave misses the shore

I can't sleep day and night

My heart misses you

Even in the dream, there is awake

Even in the north

Despite the opposite of the South

Everywhere I think

Towards him - A Phuong

Outside the ocean

Hundreds of thousands of waves

Any child does not go to the shore

Although there are many ways to become

Life is so long

Years still passing

Like the other sea, though wide

Clouds still fly away

How to dissolve

Into hundreds of small waves

In the middle of the big sea of love

Leave thousands of years still flapping.

*Although possible, that love, like the offshore waves cannot reach the shore of marriage, happiness, but it will also be a memory and beautiful memory in every human life, if we know Courting, cherishing, preserving, as a valuable gift that life has given to us!*

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