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Warriors of the Rainbow

by Kristin Wilson 3 years ago in nature poetry
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Calling All Lightworkers #VocalNPM

I’ve become nocturnal, I sacrifice my sleep,

To sit in silence counting Stars, to finally get some peace.

I vent to the moon, she’s the only one who knows...

My deepest darkest secrets, all my hidden woes.

I really never have been interested in the day...

Everything’s so busy, people rushing to work their lives away.

No one’s asking questions... no one wonders “Why”

What’s the purpose of existing? What does it mean to be alive?

This society was constructed; A slavery of a new kind...

No chains or cages needed, when the target is the mind.

How efficiently...

They’ve mocked and buried our divinity.

We’ve forgotten who we are,

Distracted by consumerism, mass media, and war.

Peel your eyes from your phone, from your TV screen,

There’s a war raging against you, a war on the unseen.

Our origins have been manipulated, our history tweaked and changed...

We’re bombarded with malignant frequencies in hopes our DNA can be rearranged.

Mainstream music, organized religions, curriculums in schools...

Institutionalized healthcare and chemicals in our food.

It’s all an attempt to make you forget the way life should be...

Only at the hands of the greedy does living require a fee.

This planet can’t be owned, she’s a living being herself,

And since the beginning of time she’s provided all needed by humanity and everything else.

She provides the water, she provides the food..

She collects and disputes the energy, and natural medicine for me and you.

One day, in her honor, her children will revolt,

With the sun we will rise and take back what they stole...

We will fall in love with being alive and eradicate the status quo.

The time has come to remember love, join together hand in hand.

The ancient prophecy now stands,

The Warriors of the Rainbow have finally come to heal the land.

nature poetry

About the author

Kristin Wilson

Just a spiritual being having a human experience ☀️💜🔮🧿🧬💎🌞

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