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Waiting In A Black Hole

Waiting in A Black Hole

By Jemma Rosewater Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Picture of a stray purple cosmos with circular black hole in the middle

Under the heavens is the multiple-verse under the multiverse is layers layers of expanding bubbles that grow larger and larger the space between them a gap that cannot be bridges in any way known to humankind, under the expanding space is and foreign energy source that is controlled by Him the maker of all, the one who is above all else, below the foreign energy source is everything that can be and is somewhere some time, time its under there too, under the multiverse are universes each unique with there own governing rules, under those rules are mysterious beyond our imagination, under those mysterious there is life, life formed from stardust and forces life formed from molecules and chemicals unknown to us, the stuff of fantasy and fiction, under the life is the mind, the mind which contemplates and wonders, under the mind is the ability to dream to dream of everything that is or will be, sometimes under those dreams there is despair knowing those dreams are out of reach, other times there is hope, buts its under the hope under the determination to not accept what is to fight for something better, its under those minds and souls that those dreams turn into reality, under the reality is the shaping of a piece in the puzzle of everything that is and will be

She waits to know what’s happening, waits for the music and noises to stop, waits at first not even knowing what she is waiting for, just waiting for the war to end, waiting for the knives and hammers to stop attacking her, waiting for someone to protect her

The weapons come on the own, but she waits for people to stop thrusting her right into their path, she waits in pain curled up a a ball on the classroom floor, waiting for a quieter place, dread and knowledge that each year she is only waiting to loose it, but she will eventually get it back right? This time she would wait locked out of her room surrounded by enemies on all sides crushing her skull and setting her ears on fire, they are cut and bleeding waiting for the scabs to heal, two weeks that lasts eternity,

she waits for the black hole the release her, in the waiting she loses hope, hope that the waiting will never end, how can one have patience in pain, the endless battles, each second dread, time moving so slowly, alone in the pain, alone in the waiting, waiting for information waiting for knowledge, crying out to the Lord for help, its seems like her doesn’t answere her cries, waiting for protection again, waiting for the sharp shards of shower water to punching her head, waiting to go home waiting to collapse into its quiet protection embrace, the dreading the dreading of everyday, waiting for 2 o’clock, waiting for day when she can learn without being in pain, waiting for happiness waiting to be understood, will the dawn ever come believe that the sun will never rise, but its words that will end the documents that she searches and searches to find and transcribe crafting them into a sword, the sword of information that destroys the knives and hammers, makes them put down there weapons, the sword that ends the darkness, slowly it begins to rise a new horizon pale strokes of beauty chasing out the darkness, she is free that sun has finally risen

waiting so long for the reality of now,

in this soul crushing waiting the pain has changes her, it shapes her future, changes the future of others, she realizes she waited so others don’t have to battle as long to bring them out of the waiting, yet always she will wait upon the future

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Jemma Rosewater

I’m a 17 year old writer & advocate for my rare disease, hyperacusis. I love writing poetry, non fiction articles, & short stories on a variety of topics: mermaids, fantasy, emotions experienced throughout human life, sci-fi, fantasy, ect.

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