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Waiting for good faith

People without a letter, do not know it

By Hendon BUriartePublished 6 months ago 2 min read

From ancient times to today, literati talk about poetry and poetry, political thinkers talk about education and benevolent governance, seemingly unrelated, but their words and deeds can never be separated from the word "integrity"

Mozi once told us that those who do not believe in their words fail to act. It is intended that those who do not speak good faith will suffer evil consequences, such as the stirring "Sanlu Milk powder" incident in the prequel. Maybe they can honestly sell milk powder, earn conscience money. However, they did what others did not dare to do, adding melamine and other harmful chemicals to the milk powder. They cheat the feelings of consumers.

The Chinese are beefing up, the bosses' wallets are bulging, but here comes the law. When the handcuffs were in their hands, maybe they knew they were sorry. But there is no such thing as regret. Life in prison? The death penalty? They brought it all on themselves.

Zi Lu also said that one must keep one's word and carry out one's actions. Last year, for example, the pair of brothers who moved Chinese figures -- Sun Donglin and Sun Shuilin. The elder brother died in a car in order to distribute the wages to migrant workers. In order to fulfill his brother's last wish, the younger brother endured grief and handed out the wages to migrant workers. Younger brother's hands are shaking, migrant workers are feeling their conscience to take money.

At the "People Who Touched China" award party, the younger brother sobbed about his brother's last wish, and many people were in tears. Seemingly ordinary but great brothers set an example of "honesty" for us.

But in this society, but too many "highly educated" "senior officials" call themselves "high quality", but whether they can do integrity?

Guo Meimei, a young and beautiful woman, flaunts her wealth on Weibo, but her verified name is a regional manager of the Red Cross Society. Doesn't that cast doubt on the authenticity of the Red Cross? Love donation money is used by others to buy a house, car and lv, then anyone dare to offer love?

Fang Zhouzi cracked down on Han Han and suspected that his article was ghostwritten. As a result of the multiple evidence is not clear, Fang Zhouzi compensation for mental damage of more than one million yuan. Still, Fang remains skeptical of Han. In this microblog fight against fake, hype or true story. But won't it make the audience tired?

A man cannot stand without faith. Just hope we can wait for their own integrity, honest life.

Give others a little more trust, that we harvest not more?


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