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Wait for my rain

Dear rain must fall on me

By John WilsonPublished 9 months ago 1 min read

Later in the day than in the afternoon

I went out with my grocery bag

I came out the side door of the ward

The dark asphalt roads still smell of asphalt

When I walked across the street and stood under a tree

Honey, the rain is coming

Dear, the rain must be waiting for me

Wait for me to walk under this tree

Waiting to land on my face

Waiting to fall in my heart

My dear rain and I have a promise

When dear rain in the form of fog, in the form of clouds

In the form of love

Dear, the rain must fall on me

How can I not love to rain on the ground

Heavy hit on the ground is not only the rain, and my clear heart ah

How can I give up my dear rain to fall in this lonely world

The world has been unable to put more loneliness, can not be more than a meter

How can I not give up my dear rain to fall on the enchanted world

The world has too many temptations, can't let you get lost in it

surreal poetry

About the Creator

John Wilson

I am a freelance writer and I hope my articles will give you pleasure

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