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Vivid Perception

The Serious Play of an Animal

By Jesse Terrance DanielsPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Vivid Perception
Photo by Anand on Unsplash

Sitting on a stump as I contemplate,

I rub each of my eyes for visions sake.

You never know what in this world is fake,

Foolishly thinking I don’t follow fate.

I sometimes desire to drive state to state,

Hold on, let me further elaborate,

Wish to see what else in the world is great,

But appropriated unwanted weight.

Fats the folks I know

Hold and make me slow

Want to try and grow

Can’t get up and go

Crash at home asshole

Forget this hassle

Tobacco lasso

Pulls like a brash comb

Trying to tackle

Total fiasco

Taking as long as starting up cinders within a black hole

Taking as long as igniting embers within a black coal

Am I dreaming now? I don’t really know,

Because my senses are all physical

My mind is totally distinct from those

Frequently fighting formidable foes

Within my brain I am invincible

Retiring all of the residuals

Know you are the best

Tell me all about structured destiny,

Can you blame me, wanting serenity?

My life has been built up and brought me here,

Been to the bottom but now it is clear,

Vivid perception I cannot question.

Living deception, demon invention?

What I touch, hear, smell and my eyes can see,

Could simply be another falsity.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Jesse Terrance Daniels

Jesse is the founder of Pied Raven Games, and his first card game, Hibernation, won Best Family Game in 2018. He currently has a book in the process about game design. The book, titled Make Your Own Board Game, will be available 08/2022.

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