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by Conlan Nielsen 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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By Conlan Nielsen

¨Language is a virus that infects the mind of humans

A single word will drive them to rage or lust or weeping

O for the right word said in the right voice!

O to see their hearts well with longing!

O to see their desire laid bare in their chest

So juicy and succulent for the taking!¨ -Riven of A Thousand Voices

Anything can be played simply by perception

Whether perception is being played with

Or playing with you

Simply, words can infect

And plague the mind too

The right word, to the right person

In the right place, at the right time

With the right tone, and right voice

You can lull anyone

To your wishes by choice

For man's character is his destiny

And humanity´s perceptions be infinitely plenty

With each perception, word can charge emotion

In all, emotion inspires devotion

Then devotion leads to sacrifice

Sacrifice leads to death

Every man drawing breath

Has spoken hollow words

For his own desires absurd

For when desire is laid bare in ones chest

The soul in a voice will control one's devotion

Through emotion

And obtain said desires by causing

To transgress

surreal poetry

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Conlan Nielsen

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