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By Suze KayPublished 11 days ago 1 min read

It's hard to be a woman in a world that wants you less

Than a blow-up doll; than a dishwasher; than a coin-operated

Jukebox cranking out the same tired hits.


He wants it pert and pliable, slick and smell-less, ready when he is and,

Dear God, not a second sooner, not wanting, not crying, not bleeding,

Not speaking unless it's thank you. Unless it's perfect, no notes.


It's hard to be a woman but here I am, the ghost in the shell,

The whisper in the night, saying more, saying it's not enough,

Begging for a fresh tune, and realizing I'll have to write it myself.

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Suze Kay

Pastry chef by day, insomniac writer by night.

Catch me here for spooky stories, crushable poems, and overall weird thoughts.

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  • Poppy10 days ago

    Ahhh this is so good. So true and so well written. The lead up to that final line was just perfect. I’m officially addicted to your poetry.

  • Zara Blume11 days ago

    Sometimes, you gotta take matters into your own hand. I found this acerbic, and exasperating in how relatable it is… yet, sexy. I love being a woman, and I do feel we hold the power. That’s why we’ve been told we don’t for centuries. Physiologically and metaphysically, we are vessels. I appreciate everything said and left unsaid on these nine lines.

  • Life as a woman is wayyyy better without a man. Lol. Loved your poem!

  • Kendall Defoe 11 days ago

    Write the life you want to live... Excellent work!

  • In a relationship, a tune that is not written together is either simply a gift or a request. And even then it requires the other to respond in harmony or counterpoint if there is any hope for a duet. Without the interplay or give & take between the voices it's nothing more than a solo performance with a prop falling completely flat (whether the "performer" knows it or not). The audience walks away never needing to repeat the experience & the other individual gets put away as a prop until finally recognizing their role as part of the audience & walking out with everyone else. Powerfully expressed with an extreme economy of words. (In other words, you said it much better & more evocatively than I did, lol.)

  • Mother Combs11 days ago


  • Yup! All that! But loved the last light -very empowering 🤍

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