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by Amber Nasers 4 years ago in nature poetry
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A Poem That You Can Interpret on Your Own—As I Have My Own Meaning Behind This Piece

When I close my eyes

I picture that there’s this vastness ahead of me

That’s painted by how the ocean meets the sea

And it’s quite the piece of art if I may say.

You see, at first glance, the picture is stoic

So it’s as if the scene invites you into its arms

For you to gaze at all its charms

And for a moment create this essence of peace.

However, as you soon start to discover

There’s more details than what you merely saw

For in the distance there’s waves that are crashing against this stone wall

That seems to be holding up its defense in its best attempt

And while those waves crash against the wall

Storm clouds are beginning to form

And the sky is a bit of green, while wind howls to make the air cold instead of warm

Letting it be known, that something nasty is about to take over.

When I take this image into account,

My vision focuses in on another slight detail

Where there’s one person standing on top of the wall, looking all pale

Trying to help another overcome their divider.

The scene is bittersweet

For it’s unsettling yet endearing

Because you can feel the hardship that exists, but are experiencing this hope that it’s disappearing

Making it that much more complex.

And then, if you go beyond that picture

There’s one last tiny detail that is seen in the grand scheme of things

Which is that there’s this light that’s spreading its wings

Across the sky, causing the water it can touch to glisten.

It’s a stunning sight to come across

As when I stare at it a little longer, I can feel the sun shoot up in my veins

And cause warming inside my soul that takes away all that we may think are pains

Making it more alluring than the rest to just stay and reminisce.

So with my eyes still shut,

There’s this vastness that’s out in front of me

That has a sense of mystery to take in with thee

But as I always discover, there will always be another perspective to uncover.

nature poetry

About the author

Amber Nasers

I'm a g student who is working toward all the dreams that I have made over the last 22 years. My life hasn't necessarily been easy nor has it been difficult, but I still have gained valuable lessons that I hope to share.

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