Validate the Media

by Ecarg Nosive about a year ago in social commentary

Social Hysteria

Validate the Media

Post that picture so you can get likes from the same people or maybe a few more

Be a real one on facebook since everyone seems to like honesty even though that’s what you always were

Believe in harmony but always stand up for what you love and adore

Leave your heart on your pages so you can still be alone

Type to twitter so you can talk to yourself through your phone

Laugh at pictures that make your mental illness feel like a home

Snap yourself crying but no one will respond

Make a status of your progress, other people’s happiness is what you want

Maybe they’ll get help out of all you do wrong

Be yourself but limited to the social group you belong

Don’t make friends online that have nothing in common

Watch the quiet girl from high school become insane

Don’t quit writing your opinions they won’t love you the same

Although each time you’ve written there’s always someone that says

Don’t do this

Don’t do that

I didn’t realize there was rules to this game

Make sure your pictures on Instagram don’t show too much of your face

Don’t want to be narcissistic but I’m always with myself in the same place

Make your life seem like at the end of the day you close big red drapes

When really you close your eyes and hope to forget you exist

Social media is a wicked platform

None of us need it, although it is fun

The same people see all the stuff you put on

It’s business savvy but you need more likes to get on

Stop killing yourself over the way you come off

No one really gives a shit

They’re on because they want

To post about them selves

To validate what they have done,

What they look like,

What they’ve become

It’s silly because no one really cares where you come from

If they don’t agree with you, they’ll let you know

But when it comes to real issues, silences overcomes

Or even real dreams like art your “friend” worked hard on

No shares for mental illness unless it romanticizes the harm

No shares for creative things unless you’re getting something out of the fake love


I wake up everyday and pick up my phone

Spend 20 minutes looking at all my apps to see everyone

I’m a hypocrite but so is the whole internet

It’s a doomed mess but we’re all addicted to it

Ever notice when you put down your phone for an hour or so

A shock of calmness riddles through your bones

Yes you want to reach for it but you resist the urge

You’re left with your thoughts and your own utter worth

No one to tell you you can’t be her

No one to save you yet you feel cured

Connections lost, you have no idea what’s up

You’re not in touch but your mind has never thanked you so much

No anxiety of what they’ll think

No priorities that make you sink

Instead you swim in yourself and discover what’s been

You’ve always been validated

You just have to find it within

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Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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