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Odin’s Arms

By River Gilliam Published 3 years ago 1 min read
The Rise Of The Valkyries

When my brain

Turns black

And black

Is all I can see

And I can no longer

Remember who I am

Who you are

Or all we were meant

To be

Leave a light on

And I will find you

In the depths

Of your shadows

Where the Sun

Meets the Sea

You’ll find me there

To the East

The Sunrise

Buried in crystals

My bones soiled

With lavender seeds

And red rose trees

To the West

The Sea

Flaming arrows

Ignite the ship

That carry my body

And as if water

Could become oil

Thor would strike

His Hammer

Rise from Thrudheim

And inflame the oceans

With his Thunder

But I will swim

Into your Moonlight

And the Valkyries

Will take us home

The chariots of horses

Drawn on carriages

Flown by ravens

Through the waters

That we swim

Will guide us

And we

Will soon feast

On tumors

And tails

Of the Ouroboros

And when you dream

You’ll dream of me

And I will find you

In the after

And Odin’s arms

Will embrace us

The gates at the Glasir

Will open to us

Colors never before imagined

Will stunt us


Will envelop us

Golden shields

Will surround us

We will arm ourselves

In the courtyard

We will battle

And live on to be

Once more

We will fight

In the Great Hall

But no cancer

Will await us

For we will have finally

Fought it all

surreal poetry

About the Creator

River Gilliam

My dad always said he knew I was going to be a poet because I was crying before I had even completely left the womb. It’s always been my dream to get published someday.

She/her. Cosmetologist. Writer. Vegan. Dog mom.

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