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Utility and Futility

Function over Form

By Christopher "Ski" GanczewskiPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Utility and Futility
Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash

I think there's a beauty in utility

And I think that in beauty, there's futility

We praise the painted canvas

And take toilet paper for granted

But I'm pretty confident when I say

There's only one of those you really needed today.

We work so hard for aesthetics, the metric of fools.

We strive so hard to hold attention, instead of holding tools.

Too often we praise the product, and not the corresponding work.

And that's how shortcuts are made. How halfassing is birthed.

And when we wash our faces when the work is done

we should take pride when our hands are scrubbing off grime.

Instead of just feeling the relief of taking up makeup.

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About the Creator

Christopher "Ski" Ganczewski

I write things. Sometimes they matter.

Active Duty USAF TACP Officer.

Mountain biker. Board gamer. Imbibement appreciator.

Niagara Falls, NY born and raised.

Often found with a dog attached to my hip, near either a trailhead or a brewery.

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