Used Skin (Trigger Warning)

by Victoria Evelyn about a year ago in heartbreak

An Original Poem

Used Skin (Trigger Warning)

Why is saying no hard?

you make me feel used,a whore,

you're the secret on my lips,the imprints on my hips,

you don't understand what you did,but neither do I,

it hurts more to know I wasn't the first one,but no one says anything,it's not considered rape,

but I'll never forget the ghost of your hands,the words that followed,

when I said stop and backed away I wasn't being cute,I told you what was wrong,but you never understood,

you were my first friend,I considered you a brother,and after all of this I'm still attached to you,

I can't escape,

I'm weak,

showers can't wash away what you did,

you left an itch I can't scratch away,

when we were separated I felt saved,you'll be back soon,and I know I'll be your friend,

I hate this feeling,being weak,stuck,


I want to rip my skin off,

I want you gone,

the way you laughed and smiled,the way you didn't listen.

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