[UNTITLED] / Orbit / Soul to Soul / I have nothing Left to Live For.

by Amargeaux Rai 2 months ago in excerpts

Poems from the poetry book, "Kiss me or Kill me, But Please Set Me Free!" By Amargeaux Rai, pgs. 97, 99, 100, 101

[UNTITLED] / Orbit / Soul to Soul / I have nothing Left to Live For.
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If You're going to kiss me

Tell me Why.

If it's to express

What words don't exist

In any language,

Then feel free to kiss me again.

If it's to share a soul with me

Even for a moment,

I'd be so flattered,

I won't lie.

If the moment before the kiss

Was so wonderful

You want it to last for three more

Then I'll make it last for twelve.

But if you kiss me

Because "hey, you hot"

Then be prepared to die!


I am the moon.

Your are the sun.

Without you, I would never shine.

Soul to Soul

I made a new friend

And we hugged.

You hugged me

And I hugged you.

I had not been touched like that

in a long time.

The hug was nice, too.

I have nothing Left to Live For.

You're taken everything

I've expected out of life.

Now all I have left

To look forward to

Is you.

I've never been this happy.



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