by Neon Odyrah about a month ago in slam poetry

"It is Hard"


It is Hard

Maybe I am blowing it out of proportion

Maybe I am not paying it enough attention

Maybe my mental health is at risk but I am not taking it serious

Maybe I am just creating this illusion

Painting this picture that everything is fine but it is not

Searching for a way out in this darkness

Fighting my demons to free me from this torment

Asking for a floater because I'm drowning

But maybe I'll be fine

Mind is mess

Because I focus on this that cause unnecessary stress

Maybe I need to scream out a call of distress

They said that thoughts come and go

But mine came and built a house and resides

And yet I wonder why they pay no rent

I could go on and on

But maybe I am a Jack in a box

Waiting for someone to unwind and then turn

Scared that they may run away out of fear once I open up

Hence am still wrapped up like a gift grandma said never to touch.

slam poetry
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Neon Odyrah
..My thoughts driving me insane, till my pen drained them away..

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