Unsolicited Thoughts

Words don't know.

Unsolicited Thoughts

Words don't know

mind controls

the fingers are in action

to randomize

and make sense of

my unsolicited thoughts.

I woke up one day

in a hangover.

And my head screamed for

some aspirin

but all I did as soon as

I got up

was open my journal

and grab a pen.

I found a natural,

creative cure for a hangover that day.

Where words

and fingers

and hands

and arms

made sense of their existence

through that simple moment

of writing

and making sense

of my unsolicited thoughts.

Melina Giorgalletou
Melina Giorgalletou
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Melina Giorgalletou

Just a college student from Cyprus, living in NYC, trying to find herself through words and writing.

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