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Unpridful Memories

by Goosey Q. 11 months ago in surreal poetry
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When he past challenges your pride

Unpridful Memories
Photo by Carlos de Toro @carlosdetoro on Unsplash

A cat as black as day, with eyes as white as snow, cuddling and charmed with affection. Held on tight for support so much love and care with the humans that lay besides the black hair. Thoughts of you remain that becomes so dormant. Selfish lies with a turtle bye, you left a memory with visions of a never ending lullaby.

Caught in a web of acceleration, all that we became was a fuel for mutulization. The power of firsts that fueled my mind, now resulted in a selfish hate crime. On and on the memories persists, because you all took everything but my first kiss.

By Grace Madeline on Unsplash

I can forget and I can lie, but it feels like these feelings are permanent just like you all in my mind. I wish to start over and not feel regret, but these unprideful memories is all that I get. The joys and happiness of which I neglect, can sometimes be overshadowed by y’all intellect. The guilt and shame feel so part of me now, that it’s hard to talk to people, to even feel proud.

Picturesque scenery of rainbow in cloudless sky over wavy blue sea with rippling surfaceThese unprideful memories that haunt me so, has a room to stay but can not call home. The solace and comfort that I wish to get, can now come from the one, that I might forget. A being to love without fear, who can have my back, who can look in the mirror, and wave back. Laugh at the jokes even though they’re not funny, even play games that’s meant for two, like connect four, and sorry.

By Ana Cruz on Unsplash

We treat ourselves to wine and seltzer, to help make us feel so much better. Join a class or see some family, all so we won’t have to cry, so shamefully. Make some memories and build some class, in hopes to be confident and brush over the past. For these unprideful memories that became such a disaster, are beginning chapters of a book, that’s now all full of laughter.

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