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By Mogomotsi MoremiPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In a world divided by boundaries and strife,

Where differences cause tension and rife,

There lies a profound truth, often neglected,

The power of unity, too often rejected.

Amidst the chaos, we must seek a common ground,

A place where respect and understanding abound,

For it is through unity that strength is derived,

And harmony's melody is sweetly revived.

Imagine a symphony, where each note plays its part,

Different melodies blending, creating a work of art,

A tapestry of voices, harmonious and true,

Each unique hue contributing to the view.

Respect, the cornerstone of this grand design,

A bridge that connects, a thread that intertwines,

For when we honor the worth of every soul,

The seeds of unity start to flourish and unfold.

Let not our differences be a cause for divide,

But a chance for growth, as we stand side by side,

Hand in hand, embracing our diversity,

We can forge a world of lasting unity.

For in unity, we find strength to heal,

To mend the wounds that time did reveal,

Together, we can rise above hate and fear,

And build a future where respect is held dear.

So let us come together, bound by a shared goal,

To build bridges, mend hearts, and make us whole,

For the power of unity knows no bounds,

Respect and understanding, the sweetest sounds.

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About the Creator

Mogomotsi Moremi

Author and Web developer

Telling stories, one word at a time. Bringing worlds to life through my books and articles. #WriterLife #NeverGiveUp

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