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Uni-verse. Or, Verses That Unify

by Anthi Psomiadou 6 months ago in inspirational
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An illuminating experience within the dark

Photo by Baraa Jalahej on Unsplash

Night appears,

as our sphere

executes pirouettes,

tempting simultaneously

the sun.

I contact all the entities that contribute

to the perpetuation and the widening

of consciousness,

by just being themselves.

Muting useless external information,

capturing mysterious murmurs,

sensing vibrations underneath.

I see my body’s outline becoming vague.

I feel I perform

an aerial dance,

though I am motionless.

Action without movement.

Thales is whispering to me

his thoughts about cosmology,

as he flows

within the everywhere and the ever-now.

A moment of merging myself into the whole,

the earthy collectiveness included.

Magical coordination

of us all.

There’s no division of myself

neither from humanity’s highest manifestations

nor from the lowest ones.

Zenith, nadir, and everything in between

are one… now.

I don’t want to label what’s happening.

I don’t care about how long it’ll last.

I just experience it here and now,

which is — in a way — eternity.

It’s like we all

listen to the recitation of the same poem,

and we all feel touched by it;

synchronicity of our homoousious cores.

So, to me, based on the etymology …of this moment,

the Universe is a poem,

the verses of which

Unify us.


Anthi Psomiadou — CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International : Credit must be given to the creator/ Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted/ No derivatives


About the author

Anthi Psomiadou

Writing, Life coaching, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.

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