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Undoing Fate

by Abigail Sire about a month ago in surreal poetry
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The Next and the Next

(sourced by Aletheia Luna)

A pair infinitely cast – a search -

An undoing of fate where are you!

Where are you – a haunting exhaustion

Behind every corner to see who we think -

Who we hope is there -

Getting ready for an evening out: evening out -

Where were they going?

An illusion woven in and out of their minds

So many times – you're going to be late... to be late -

She clutches the sides of the wall in her black dress -

Exposed, confused her hand stretching around the bend -

And another – and another -

The image cascading in her head -

Of her lover seated at the table

His back to her in a suit -

A strange orange light -

He's waiting, he’s waiting for her -

He’s waiting... a cruel search the image

Dissolving just as she turns the corner

And suddenly he isn’t there -

Vanishing and calling her into the next,

The next and the next.

surreal poetry

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Abigail Sire

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