by Chelsea Silva 4 months ago in slam poetry

More to Me.


I was never sure of what would happen in life.

Where I may go,

Where it may lead me.

As I have made up my mind,

Followed a plan,

Changed my direction,

And life has revealed choices that I never imagined to face.

To love,

To let go,

To leave,

To stay,

To walk forward,

To turn around.

The curious heart of a wild mind can never be certain of an outcome.

Yet, believing that where I am,

And who I am is a collection of all the faces,



And steps

I have encountered along the way,

Gives me certainty that there is more to me than I will ever understand.

slam poetry
Chelsea Silva
Chelsea Silva
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Chelsea Silva

Guided by the soul, and creating with my senses, I'm a poet, lyricist, visual artist, and sensitive heart. Join me on the journey to connecting with the heart, and finding beauty in both the seen and unseen.

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