Under the Water

by Alex Smith 11 months ago in inspirational

Depression will try to sink you. Don’t let it.

Under the Water

Under the water

There’s a girl alone in the sea, but it’s a sea that no one can see.

She wants to get to the shore, but though she paddles, it won’t let her free.

Treading the water is pain, and her legs and her heart are in pain.

Did no one see her go underwater? Will no one remember her name?

Air is her only hope, she’s losing the air she’s losing her hope.

So with numb thoughts and racing hands, her body refuses to float.

Holding her breath she knows, she’s alone and drowning - she knows!

How many months or years? But when your drowning the time slows.

She screams ‘til she can’t anymore. Then she silently screams, there’s no sound anymore.

The water only swallows it whole, and returns to heavy silence as before.

She can’t reach out to anyone, there’s no one to hear her - not anyone.

So she sinks and thinks her pain away, cause there’s nowhere left to run.

Got to drown faster faster, so she won’t hit rock bottom - drown faster!

Will anyone remember her before? The bodies that just drift past her?

She lets it all go now, she can finally exhale now.

Relaxed and at peace underwater, a chaotic calm it surrounds her.

Help I’m alone in the world, and the pain is too much to bare.

I feel I’m underwater.

No one’s there.

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