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Uncertain Future

Facing the unknown with courage and Hope

By Manikanda RamanPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Uncertain Future
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As I look into the future,

I cannot help but shed a tear,

For the uncertainties that lie ahead,

Fill my heart with fear.

The world is changing rapidly,

And I wonder what will be,

Will we live in peace and harmony,

Or will chaos and destruction be our destiny?

Will our children grow up happy,

In a world that's free and fair,

Or will they suffer and struggle,

With burdens too heavy to bear?

Technology advances at an alarming rate,

And I wonder what will be our fate,

Will it bring us closer together,

Or will it tear us apart forever?

The environment is in peril,

And I fear what lies in store,

Will we wake up and take action,

Or will we continue to ignore?

As I ponder on the future,

My heart is heavy with emotion,

For the road ahead is uncertain,

And the path is filled with commotion.

But I know that we must stay strong,

And face the future with courage and hope,

For only then can we create a tomorrow,

That is filled with love and scope.

So let us take the first step forward,

And embark on this journey with grace,

For in the face of all adversity,

The future can be a better place.

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Manikanda Raman

I am a content writer and ghost writer. I have a website for Personal development. know more about click the link. click here. To know more about investigating stories kindly touch with me.

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