Unanswered Questions

by Julianna Joy 8 months ago in sad poetry

October 21, 2017

Unanswered Questions

if I embraced you, would take us back?

take us back to everything we lacked.

we were two different pieces trying to play the same game.

we knew once we took off, it wouldn’t be the same.

but it’s hard to hug someone standing ten feet away.

so ill project my words and say:

“im sorry for everything we were and everything we weren’t”

because my intention was never for either of us to get this hurt.

and i hear that song and i cry

and ask myself “why?”

after all of it, how could he try?

to cut me so deep?

i took all of my hurt and tried to


it under the rug

and convince myself that

“that’s not love”

but if that is so, why do i sit here on October 21st of 2017 writing this poem?

these are the unanswered questions.

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