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Ultima Thule

Excerpt from Bucolica

By Rob AngeliPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Sketch by author after Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego



even unto Ultima Thule

by all the East West South North


Wolf legacies to sweep the fold,

keeping cattle.

WolfwindsPairing off

Not in opposition but apposition

for Wind is the Wolf of the Wood

SUN Glenr’s god-blithe Bed mate wadeth

Into a GODDESS’ MANSION with rays;

that shine on the sea that light on the fleeces,

that dazzle in the metal-splash

then the good light cometh



of good grey-haloed MANI his moonshine


Wolf of the Wood is the Wind

But then the SUMMER,

’tis the Comfort of Serpents


We shall wave our swords

on the plains of the cornfield sea

O Dyer of Wolf’s Teeth

make them glimmer and glitter

the writhing deed we have for wreaking

in the Comfort of Dread Dale Serpents

for their comfort is our own comfort

warmth being winterbalm for the weary

from the guesthouse to the goathouse

in the forest of Family Trunks,

branches by KINFOLK

Family-Stem, Genealogical-Bough, Kin-Branch

right from

The Head-Tree

Where someone said

the runners shot free and

OXEN Red Meat Driven Gentle

milled about

Where Holy

STAGS nibbling the world-tree tidbits

called Dainn Dvalinn Duneyrr and Durathor

PASSION then is the Wood-Wolf, Desire,

dread Wind of Troll Women

(One Desired is Named and what of Giants)

She who is of noble mind


even the same as PLOUGHSHARE

our function follows

fairy blessed and fairy cursed

THE HAND of MAN is the Earth of Weapons,

following function on the fallow fields

with THE LEGS root the Tree of Soles

the DREGS (Christ is still on the back of their artifact),

Ultima Thule

we are where the word


came from

My Bucolica is a modern reboot of the "eclogue" form originating in Classical Greece and Rome and much rehashed throughout all European literature. It usually comes in the form of a collection of shepherd's songs, dialogues, and stories featuring themes of love/desire, nature/the seasons, death/mortality, and the passing of time. It is often a playground to poeticize the animal world and humankind's relation to it, as well as particulars of the seemingly idyllic life led by simple shepherds and farmers in Arcadia. It is also referred to as bucolic literature. I wrote my Bucolica 2017-2018 in a mix of poetry and prose.

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About the Creator

Rob Angeli

Experimental poetry and prose; fixed-form free-fall, endeavor to produce a multi-sourced and multiform jubilee of various objects and emotional stances. And free for all, so step right up.

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