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Tyranny of Eyes

by Thor Grey (G. Steven Moore) 6 months ago in social commentary

Senseless Ruling

Tyranny of Eyes

February 3, 2013

I want to start again,

Start again,

I’m not running away,

I’m running towards

I’m not going in blind,

Rather eyes wide open,

They never shut

They never close

Eyes that see more,

Much more than what’s apparent,

They’ve seen so much, yet keep going,

Will forever see this vision

Not distorted, but not quite clear

My vision is a bit blurry

Hindered by this flurry

Of emotions inside

Not quite known,

But not a total mystery,

I yearn to hear for once,

Not just see

To hear,

To touch

To smell,

To taste,

Can’t let one sense rule

Can’t let it play me

I am not a fool

But I am to blame

I let it have the best

For far too long

Didn’t let the others in

Didn’t consider them

Life led this far by eyes alone

Directed so deep down in the trench,

Such a long way into the fight,

Yet to this remote location

Did not hear them call

Did not feel their touch

Did not smell the poison

Did not taste the blood

It’s over now, the tyranny,

Never again, that heresy,

Be from every fiber,

From every vantage point

It all has meaning,

Even through omission

For an act not done

Is still an act indeed

Every special second saved,

Strive forever forward,

Let every sense reign equally,

Make the grave grasp you greedily

social commentary

Thor Grey (G. Steven Moore)

Since 1991, this compassionate writer has grown through much adversity in life. One day it will culminate on his final day on Earth, but until then, we learn something new every day and we all have something to offer to others as well.

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Thor Grey (G. Steven Moore)
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