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Two Poems

A Juxtaposition

By Cat Charity JudePublished 7 years ago 1 min read

[ A Little Attic in my Head ] (Pt. 1)

I close my books for the night.

I repack the boxes

And check if any need more duct tape.

I shut the filing cabinet.

I check the garden

And see if any virtues need watering.

I wave goodnight to the little creatures in the corners.

Above my head the fish swim in silence

And all is peaceful.

I reach up to turn off the light.

I look at the bolted barred door

But I do not go near.

There’s some things I can’t do.

I’m healing

But I’m not ready (Yet).

[ A Visit to a Prisoner ] (Pt 2)

I descended a staircase

To a cellar

Where light was wont to shine.

He sat across from me,

His self-inflicted chains tangled everywhere.

It had been a long time since I’d come here.

His eyes used to be blue, I think.

Did he even recognize me?

His gaze shifted around the room.

Sometimes it flitted to me.

I took a deep breath.

“Hello, Heart,” I said,

“It’s been a long time.”

Then I heard it.

That throaty laugh I missed so much.

“Yes,” he replied,

“Too long.”


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    Cat Charity JudeWritten by Cat Charity Jude

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