Two Faced

by Harydo Neon 7 months ago in slam poetry


Two Faced

Not black, not white

Grey perhaps

I hide inside my shell

While forcing other to come out of theirs

I talk about the beauty of love

But I am worst person at loving someone

I put on a smile everyday while talking

And a frown at night when I tuck in

I pretend to not feel hurt and anger

I pretend to be invisible

Inside, an ego of a thousand fold

And anger of a thousand soul

Thoughts clouding around me

Rain, masking my dying tears

Like a frame, I feel out of the picture

While waiting for 12 p.m, for my daily migraines

I love my friends, from A-Z

I don't call them friends, more like family

But do they know me? Don't blame them

Maybe I'm just a two faced man

Showing them what part I want them to see

While my world crumbles underneath

Hurting them was the last straw

Now I feel like I am drowning in my faults

I want them close but now I swim in fear

That they may run away if I open this chest

And so what face do I choose?

And if I do, who says it would be the real one?

Both sides disagree of late

But in common, they share a common subject of hate

Maybe I need mental surgery

Scalpel please, let's separate these faces.

slam poetry
Harydo Neon
Harydo Neon
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