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Twitter, Musk, and Trump

by Lana V Lynx 12 days ago in social commentary / sad poetry · updated a day ago
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Haiku on recent developments

Cartoon by Alesha Stupin, Russian political cartoonist

I was inspired by the High-Ku challenge to write about one of the most important developments in the social media world, i.e. Musk's takeover of Twitter and his desperate attempts to attract more eyeballs to the platform and stop exodus of advertisers and reputable news organizations. So here are my haiku verses on Twitter's demise and impending death:


Twitter, best news app

Musk brought back Trump's vile account

I deleted mine.


Best for breaking news,

Twitter sold to Musk for billions

Millions have left it.


"Let that sink in!" he said,

Then fired engineers and staff.

Musk killed Twitter.


"People have spoken!" Musk said,

Brought back Trump's putrid page.

People voted, leaving.


"I'll buy it!" Musk said

of Twitter, a toy for his ego.

Bought and broke it.


"I'll buy it!" he said,

"But not with my own money."

Tesla shares went down.


For sale on Twitter

Three colored checks: Gold, gray, blue

Bankruptcy's looming.

by Alesha Stupin

social commentarysad poetry

About the author

Lana V Lynx

Avid reader and occasional writer of satire and dystopia under a pen name of my favorite wild cat.

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  • Catherine Musgraveabout 5 hours ago

    Loved reading these:)

  • I'm still on Twitter but a great Haiku and congrats on yout Top Story, and you have a subscription from me

  • Tracy Willis2 days ago

    Why am inso obsessed with these? Love it! ❤️

  • Gina B.5 days ago

    These haikus pair perfectly with the political cartoons. I love reading poems in this style as a collection. Short but impactful!

  • Blake O'Connor7 days ago

    Musk’s fame will dissolve like dusk. Great hi-ku collection

  • Sumit Kumar9 days ago

    Nowadays Twitter, Musk, and Trump are the only ones dominating the internet.

  • Gal Mux12 days ago

    Wonderful haikus. The images are hilarious!

  • I like! Good article

  • Christian Lee12 days ago

    Quite the litany of haiku's'. I enjoyed reading this, especially seeing the haiku form characterized by satire. And taking into account historical events that impact the social and internet world. Excellent. Subscribing to you. Will read more of you soon. Great read. :)

  • Your haikus have 8 syllables on the second line. I thought haikus had to be 5/7/5?

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