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Twinkling Stars

by Samiha 12 months ago in inspirational
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Dedicated to All Muslim Women

Twinkling Stars
Photo by Denis Degioanni on Unsplash

Just like the stars pinned against the azure black sky,

We used to twinkle upon the earth,

And everyone gazed up at us.

Admired and respected us,

Treated us fairly and made space for us,

But that seemed ages ago since

The dark clouds came.

They obstructed our view

From so high beyond,

And for those down there

Wandering carefree, forgetting us

They seem more interested

With the lights Edison made.

So dull compared to us!




To the women of the communities

Living 14 centuries ago?

Did they just disappear?

Or did they lose their glow?




To the sisters down the street?

Is she afraid to wear the scarf?

Because the media will tweet?




To the women wearing the Niqab?

Why is she swarmed with reporters who

Think she's oppressed and a fob?




To the stars in the sky?

Is it the clouds you are scared of?

Nonsense, keep your shine!

Life is full of complications,

Take it one day at a time.

Words can't hurt us,

You've learnt that before you were nine!

Have you forgotten your true identity?

Why are you standing in humility?

In front of all of humanity?

And you do not turn to your Lord?

We all understand,

Cause we get the same stares,

"Oh, look, she's a Mozzlem,

Covering her hair,

Seems like she ran out of combat

How could she dare?"

They can insult you as they wish,

But there is no need to care.

Here's when the stories get fascinating, my friends,

All heroes in a fairytale have to drop for themself,

So it's time for us to rise.

Stop biting our lips and slapping our thighs.

We are already in the murky, lonely sky,

And those angry clouds just want us to hide,

But we must shine harder;

Make people see us, consider us.

They have to gaze up again,

And realize the true us.

We can be gentle as a deer or sour as a lime,

We must stand firm, all millions of us

To bring back the honour of the time

When we followed the rules of Allah

14 centuries ago we weren't just a rhyme.

We shared and were a welcomed part of mankind.

The time has come, of course, no doubt

To shine harder than ever above the murky clouds

Proving the stars

Pinned against the azure black sky.


About the author


I'm a fan of poetry. I'm in love with words that are created through imagination.

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