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by Heather Cunningham 9 months ago in surreal poetry
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Perils & Ponderings

Twenty-seven. Fine-lines. Saturn Return. Adult acne.

Supercuts. Cheap wine. Grey hair. State Farm. Carl

Jung. Tax return. Old friends. C.V. Therapy. T.V. To-

do’s. Credit score.

Large pores. Chin

hair. Pluck pluck. Wax

off. Job apps. Daily

Mail. Lit mags. Birth Control. Grad school? Maybe not.

Roommates. Smoke pot. Horoscope. Tarot cards.

Morning prayer. T.M. My routine. Moisturizer. Facial

primer. SPF. Baseball

caps. Hair masks.

Water bottle. Sore

back. Gas bill. New

tires. Old car. Goodwill. Stimulus check. Unopened

texts. Earthquakes. Level five. Hangover. Online class.

Playwriting. Final draft. Monthly payments. Journal entry.

Pay rent. HealthNet. FaceTime. Small-talk. Grand-

parents. Inbox. Funerals. Leukemia. Mom’s foot.

Dad’s death. Too young. Christmas questions.

Grand children? Long-

distance. Ringworm.

Google search. EMDR.

Bath bombs. Bad

dreams. Long walks.

Long drives. Pulsing

bass. Yellowed teeth.

Reddit break. Weight

Loss. Masturbate.

Plane ticket. Carry-on.

Free food. Expired

shrooms. Lost hope.

Wasted time. My

potential. Untapped.

surreal poetry

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Heather Cunningham

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